GREGORY_01Patrick was Pauline and Ernest’s first child, born in 1928. It was a difficult birth for Pauline, and Hemingway turned the caesarian birth into Catherine Barkley’s horrendous labour in A Farewell to Arms. Patrick went on to study at Harvard University and lived in East Africa, becoming an expert marksman and big-game-hunter, just like his father. He lived in Africa for twenty-five years, moving back to America to edit his father’s posthumous works and manage the estate. He lives in Montana.


Patrick, Ernest and Gregory (l-r)

Gregory Hemingway was Pauline and Ernest’s second son, born in 1931. He was, perhaps, the most troubled of Hemingway’s three sons. Beloved by Martha, “Gigi” was, from a young age, a crack shot and won many of the shooting contests meant for adults in Cuba. He dropped in and out of medical school as a young man, experimenting with drugs and getting in trouble with the law. Ernest and Pauline rowed about Gregory the night before her death – Hemingway blamed Gregory as the cause of his ex-wife’s heart-attack. (Much of his memoir is a forensic examination of the facts which showed Ernest was wrong. In any case, after the accusation, he never saw his father alive again.) Gregory was a physician, and married four times and had seven children. He experimented with dressing as a woman and preferred to be known as “Gloria” in later life. He died in the female division of a Miami prison in 2001.

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  1. Shouldn’t that be ‘Ernest and Pauline rowed about Gregory the night before HER death…’
    (Just finished reading ‘Mrs Hemingway’ this morning – wonderful, thank you.)

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